Nettle, mint, stevia

A sweet green herbal blend, which wakes your mouth up in the morning and provides you with a nourishing cup of valuable green chlorophyll and health giving minerals. Nettle is most noted for its high iron content, which rivals spinach and is more easily absorbed by your body. The spearmint is cleansing, refreshing and stimulating. The benefits of pure stevia leaves are great and for this tea the stevia is what rounds out the flavour fresh mintand makes it a special treat. A natural sweetener, stevia helps us enjoy sweet drinks every day regardless of blood sugar imbalances. Try it and find out why it’s our best seller.


Oatstraw, lavender, lemon balm

Our most unusual blend, and has its own fan club. Those who like this tea really love it. If you are looking for a good night sleep, you have found your ally. Oatstraw as well as having a clean, sweet grassy flavour is wonderful for your complexion, strengthens your nervous system, supports hormonal balance and is high in calcium. The oatstraw’s light flavour is deepened just a bit by the green lemon balm, which is part of the mint family with a lemony overtone. dried lavenderLemon balm is cheering but calming too. And a touch of lavender heightens the flavour experience with originality and floral spice.


Chamomile, catnip, calendula, orange peel

A traditional herbal favourite with a twist. The calendula gives it a touch of spice and the orange, which is barely there, gives it a cheerful citrus note. Chamomile has been long valued for relaxing the body, and to aid digestive complaints. Catnip compliments these desired effects rather than making us frisky, and it won’t attract your cat because the beautiful fresh chamomile-flower smell disguises the scent. This tea is a must-have in your herbal pantry as it is soothing, healthful and quite suitable for young children.


Rosebud, red clover, raspberry leaf

The earthy floral flavor of this unique blend resembles mild black tea but is full of the sweet goodness of red clover and the nutrition of red raspberry leaves with a decadent hint of lovely rose.


Elderberry, echinacea, rosehip, hibiscus

EchinaceaA beautiful berry blend with punch. This potent immune enhancer tastes deep and red like a hot late September day. It is so rich and decadent you will want to serve it in a wine glass. It is becoming widespread knowledge that echinacea works best in combination with vitamin C so I created a blend of ingredients, which are super high in vitamin C content. This is our premium tea and it is an autumn must-have. It will nourish, enrich and strengthen your system for the cold and flu season.


Chai Tea: Rooiboss and spice

A smooth cup of gentle culinary heat that wakes up the mouth with allspice and ginger and warms the insides while the nutty pink peppercorns and floral notes of the green cardamom pods please the tastebuds. Roiboos is nourishing and alkalizing so this chai is a wonderful tea that is appropriate and healthful any time of day.


Green Tea with fennel and ginger

A carefully blended marriage of warming stimulating flavours and posseses powerful health benefits even just as a fresher, greener tasting, substitute for coffee. The tiny amount of caffeine boosts your metabolism which may aid with weight loss, and the ginger and fennel improves circulation and digestion for relief of auto-immune and digestive conditions. A year of trials and taste tests culminated in a flavour masterpiece. MUST-TRY for a winter warm up.


Chocolate tea with orange

A luxurious and velvety hot drink that you can feel confident and guilt free about sipping all day long. Raw chocolate alkalizes your ph, helps lower cholesterol, and improves mood. Hydrate yourself with this super-food infusion filled with antioxidants, magnesium, sulphur, flavenoids and heart warming goodness. The raw chocolate nibs and tiny tangy orange bits give this lovely libation more healthful richness and pleasure than you ever thought possible.


Chocolate tea with mint

This careful blend of Chocolate and mint is the perfect sweet dessert cup, the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, or the perfect evening freshen-up. Raw chocolate alkalizes your ph, helps lower cholesterol, and improves mood. Hydrate yourself with this super-food infusion filled with antioxidants, magnesium, sulphur, flavenoids and heart warming goodness. The choco-mint silky flavour marriage is also very good for digestion and has a host of other fresh effects.



Teas especially for the new mom and mom to be. These gentle teas are designed to help make things a little easier from pre-conception to post-delivery.

Morning Mend

A mild fresh lemony ginger flavor that should not only ease the discomfort of nausea associated with early pregnancy, but should also ease the concerns of eating enough vitamins and minerals to grow a healthy baby. These tried and true base herbs of oatstraw, nettle, and raspberry leaves are nutrient rich and several infusions each day will ensure that a newly pregnant mother is absorbing this dense food efficiently.


Breast is Best

A combination of seeds and nourishing rich herbs that are delicious and helpful for nursing mamas. The blend of ingredients all have in common the effect of relaxing and aiding production of those “feel good” hormones that not only encourage milk let-down, but also eases stress and helps mom sit down to nurse. Benefits of this, and of more abundant milk production helps stronger bonding and a rewarding nursing relationship; as well as the superior nutrition of breast milk, the baby is getting the anti-colic effects of the fennel seeds. It really is a pot of goodness for everyone when “Breast is Best” is being poured generously.


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