I am the Tea Lady, after many years of selling herbal tea and sharing herbal healing traditions with my loyal customers, they gave me that name. So many times, when meeting people in my town for the first time, I have heard “Oh, YOU’RE The Tea Lady, I love your tea!”. I love to hear that, and luckily I get to hear it a lot. So I decided to adopt the name. Now, between December and May, I don’t get to speak with people all day long about how herbal tea can improve health and well being because the farmer’s market season is closed. Some people don’t get out to the farmer’s markets either. I get so many interesting questions at my booth and in my e-mail box, I can now share them all with you and collect, save and organize them for quick reference. What is your question?

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Britt October 25, 2010 at 10:58 am

Hi Bonnie-Jean,
Thanks so much for the lovely flowers and card – they really brighten up the store!

I do need some more tea – the breastfeeding tea, please – 10 of those.

Btw, I can’t find a direct e-mail address for you as the ones I have are coming back as not valid – what should I be using?


Britt Pegan
Milkface Nursingwear Inc.
p: 613.596.1170 or 613.260.2345
f: 613.761.5762
e: britt@milkface.com
Breastfeeding is beautiful!

Allison February 9, 2013 at 1:45 pm

Foregoing the taste – the WHITE tea is better brewed in COLD water to bring out all antioxidnats in full force.
whats you think of green-rooibos tea ??
better than red rooibos/white tea as far as concentration of Anti-Ox
NUMI brand , Alvita brand World of Tea
Also thoughtts on fenugreek tea & Chaparral ??

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