Herbfest, healthy eating, and feeding your baby.

It is that time of year again, and Take Charge Tea is sponsoring the tea tasting table at Midsummer Herbfest for the third year.  As well, this year, we will have a Breastfeeding Comfort Station for nursing mothers.  This will be located near the tea tasting tables and hopefully will make new mothers feel comfortable at Herbfest but more importantly set a new precident for similar events.

Herbal Tea is the most nutritious daily drink for children and adults.  Likewise, a new baby’s best drink/food is breast milk for as long as possible.  We are lucky to have alternatives available in extreme cases of inability to drink these wonderful things or feed this wonderful way….but our western society must make changes to accommodate, support and facilitate nutritionally superior ways of feeding ourselves and our children.   It has become apparent to me while participating out in the community and in today’s lifestyle with children that our diets have been decreed by advertisers and junk food businesses with savvy marketing strategies.  How many times do we find ourselves at a family oriented event only to discover that the only drink available is pop and the only food is hot-dogs, or hamburgers and brightly colored candy or frozen treats for dessert?  not to mention, a frenzied crowded situation where there is not a quiet spot to go and nurse.  Breastfeeding is still not well integrated into average public behaviour and is not a fully accepted norm.  Well, I try to pack a picnic when taking my family to an event, but sometimes I would just like a break.  Herbfest will have available REAL FOOD for your family to eat and many options to drink.  Plus there will be quiet spots in nature, or in a shelter for women to nurse their babies.

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