Oatstraw is a powerful Ally

by TeaLady on January 4, 2013

Resolutions in the sand

Overall the tendency to set new years resolutions, I’ve noticed, is falling out of favour. In one sense, that is good. Setting unrealistic goals because it’s a certain date, or because everyone else is doing it may not be conducive to success. Also, many people after the holidays find themselves burnt out and weak from all the excitement and extra activity. Travelling or hosting can disrupt healthy sleep patterns; along with the extra sweets, carbs and alcohol that offer an irresistible indulgence. This doesn’t make January 2nd the ideal time to embark on a self improvement journey for most people.

Let’s take a look at how to gently honour ourselves with some recalibration and nurture the body gradually to work consistently (and persistently) into our goals. Giving our body the support it needs to be strong, calm and stable increases the success rate for the most popular resolutions: Becoming more fit, and letting go of destructive habits.

Oatstraw is a powerful Ally. Oatstraw is the nourishing herb which has the reputation of heartily “feeding” the nervous system. That is to say that drinking oatstraw tea has the effect of calming and strengthening the nerves. This makes oat straw particularly helpful in managing stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. The first thing on the “to do” list is to get our sleeping patterns somewhat rhythmic. This one achievement will empower everything else that we are trying to do.

Drinking Oatstraw tea not only provides a useable source of calcium and magnesium. It also contains B-complex vitamins, silicia, flavones, saponins, and Vitamin A. Oat Straw is useful for thyroid and estrogen deficiency, for MS, osteoporosis, appetite loss, anorexia, urinary concerns, colds and chills and to encourage sweating. This herb increases internal heat, dispels internal chill and strengthens metabolism and circulation,prevents and relieves spasms, softens and soothes damaged or inflamed surfaces such as the gastric mucous membranes, strengthens functional activity of the nervous system, helps with the process of assimilating food, and generally restores, nourishes. Overall, Oatstraw is a fantastic way to gently support and strengthen the entire body.

What all this MEANS to the topic at hand is that by drinking oatstraw daily we become better equipped to overcome temptations that we have resolved to avoid; we feel more strong and happy and relaxed enabling us to move away from negative habits confidently with minimal withdrawal symptoms. The compulsion to indulge in temporarily satisfying but unhealthy food choices is minimized by an overall calm demeanour and emotional state. The exhaustion keeping us away from endorphin raising physical activity has been solved by managing stress and sleeping better.

This has been my experience of using oatstraw and the stories of my clients at the local farmers’ markets over the years has solidified my assertion. The likelihood of dramatic results increases with the consistent drinking of oatstraw tea, in combination with one’s true intent to heal and the commitment to sleep regularly.

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