Taking Charge with delicate White Teas

by TeaLady on February 6, 2012

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Our own White Tea with Lotus is TCT’s “ever elusive” blend because it is only available when the most lovely and aromatic lotus petals are available; so if you see the Take Charge Tea white with lotus in a shop or at a sale, I recommend that you pick it up. It may be months or years before you can find it again. It’s all about quality of ingredients. We would rather have a flavour be unavailable than sell you old flower petals or something less than wonderful. Lotus petals seem to be an ingredient which is rare to find in Canada but those flowers grow everywhere in Viet Nam. I pray for a connection with someone who travels to Viet Nam or even better, has family there and can bring me lotus flowers.

When I realized that the White Tea with Lotus was not going to be added to my repertoire on a consistent basis I decided last year that it was time to make another white blend. White tea was becoming popular it seemed as my customers were asking for it more and more. So last year the inspiration hit for a comforting winter tea. Because white tea is so mild and light a flavour, it was important that the other ingredients enhance but do not overwhelm the integrity of the precious white. Also because of it’s light flavour I was thinking “uplifting”. Something that will be like summer sunshine in a cup, warming and soothing. Lemon of course. I chose lemongrass and lemon balm because they are not strong lemon flavours but they are uplifting and have properties that encourage a cozy “feel-good” effect. Besides the emotional and sensual comforting of the flavour, I am a fan of substance so I wanted a key medicinal ingredient in there too; so that the tea could also be a healer, in a real and profound way. Enter….SAGE. Sage is an amazing, native traditional ingredient that is indicated for many different physical ailments and is used extensively for spiritual purification as well. In this blend, the sage is intended to compliment; or rather provide to a catalyst for the other ingredients forming a synergistic blend of ingredients perfect for someone suffering the winter blahs. You know, that lingering cold or cough that keeps you feeling exhausted during those long dark and damp winter days that seem to last forever? Sage is drying, so any mucous in the sinus cavities or lungs will be cleared by drinking sage tea. It is also indicated for coughs extensively; although for a dry cough I recommend using the tea with honey (local unpasteurized) to lubricate and soothe the passages. So there you have sunshine in a cup. Lemon Balm has been recommended for melancholy since the dawn of herbalism. Lemongrass also has mild antidepressant properties, is said to ease muscle aches, invigorate and boost digestion and glandular activity. This blend SOUNDS and TASTES uplifting, really.

Indeed the white tea has the least caffeine, and in TCT’s white with lemon and sage blend there is even less because the white tea is less than half the recipe which includes the lemonbalm, lemongrass and sage. Also, for another layer of flavour, I found that a tiny bit of my favourite, a very high quality oolong, really gave the finished product a nectarlike rich smooth finish. Oolong has more caffeine than white generally, but again, in this blend there really is very little of it. However, the blend lends to give a body a definite “pick-me-up” without that buzzy stimulating kick that you would get from a more intense morning tea. It’s perfect for early afternoon at the office, or for a gentle morning lift off. Uplifting but soothing at the same time. We love this tea, and have been hearing that many of you do also!!

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