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September 2012

Steeping and Brewing Temperatures

by TeaLady on September 27, 2012

1. Hi there, I finally found your tea at the Piggy Market and picked up some new ones. I am really enjoying the white tea. Can you expand on temperature of water and shortened brew time instructions pleas? How is it important?

Regarding water temp and brew time: for herbs it is less important than for green tea; however scalding hot water does burn away some of the nutrients and thus benefits. I have a large electric conference pot that holds my water at 75degrees. I use that for all my teas, and find that it works well to be a good compromise between the different tea temp recommendations.

White tea is like green tea in that it really wants the water to be less hot… 90degrees is generally suggested for most, but the tea houses will have a different specific temperature and brew time for each type of green or white. The problem is that the flavour starts to become bitter if these are not followed. That being said, I’ll never forget the Asian woman at my booth who tilted her head, looked at me long and said “OH, YOU no like bitter?”. (I’m assuming she did)

The TCT white tea blend is a combination of herbs and white tea. I don’t worry too much about temperature or brew time with this one because white tea is such a delicate flavour, it doesn’t really get bitter unless you forget and steep it for an hour or something. Herbs are like wine in that they get better and better the longer they steep.

2. Also I bought a bag of chicory in an attempt to replace coffee. Made a cup and had an omg get this out of my mouth look on first sip. Suggestions? Thanks, Natalie

I, too, find the chicory very strong. It is designed for coffee lovers but even still, maybe the suggested amount of tea to water should be adjusted. I always drink that one with ALMOND MILK. I love that. It is punchy so it can stand up to cream and sugar for those who love the “coffee experience”. Honestly, I only drink that one with a dessert. I just think that a cheesecake or other sweet pastry is so much better with “coffee” and I don’t drink the caffeinated stuff any more. The chicory is wonderful with dessert.

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