Using the crystal point

by TeaLady on October 19, 2011

I was wondering if one should keep the crystal with the tea after opening the bag? Or is it OK to take it out and use it for other purposes? Please let me know. You also have permission to reprint my question with my name. Thanks! Caycee

There are no “shoulds”….of course it is completely up to you. If you leave the crystal in the tea after opening the bag, it continues to empower or send energy to the herbs you will be using. These herbs are effective without the charging but more energized with it. If you decide to take it out, you are carrying around the healing intent…the crystal is charged with reiki. Some people collect them in a special bowl or teacup on the windowsill. Some people make a piece of jewellery with it, or carry it around in their pocket. You can even “cleanse” the crystal of energy afterwards and charge it with a different intent if it so pleases you to do so. I hope this answers your question. Follow your own intuition and use it as you feel inclined to!

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