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May 2011

A Charged Crystal

by TeaLady on May 19, 2011

There is something that I don’t always talk about, but is a pervasive and identifying part of the Take Charge Tea experience. Aside from the food value, the medicinal benefits, and all the social implications of purchasing and drinking this ethically sourced product which is a labour of love there is another level of energy exchange occuring. The main reason this brand is called TAKE CHARGE TEA was the hope to educate and enable people to begin thinking about how they can TAKE CHARGE of their own health. But, being a real fan of wordplay and homonyms (you may have noticed that my main domain name is “maidenkanadah”) we have another meaning behind the name. That is to signify the quartz crystal point which is contained in every bag of Take Charge Tea.

These crystals are charged with Reiki energy and infused with the healing intention of the recipient only “for the highest good” and if the recipient allows. What this expression means is that sometimes the “highest good” is not the temporary measure we seek conciously but for the best in the long run. This of course is something only an individual’s higher self or higher power can conceive and determine. Overall, the energy of thought given to these crystals which go home with hundreds of people each week is healing. Healing is not Curing. They do not mean the same thing at all. Sometimes it is “healing” for a person to go through a particular ailment or difficult time….in the long run. Healing can also mean bringing some relief. It often leads to “curing” however it is not the ends but the means. This is why energy is so non-quantified; because healing is unique to each individual.

The common denominator seems to be gentle relief. Gentle relief is what we experience when we use herbs, and if the condition is more dramatic we need to drink several pots of “gentle relief” to feel and enjoy the effect.

The crystals are believed to store and amplify thoughts and visualizations. So, the instructions on the label encourage one to take the crystal and use it. Think about and visualize, and “feel” the state you wish to achieve. You will then have a little boost from the Reiki infusion, the amplification of the quartz crystal, and the personal will power that you have taken the time to create; thus taking some personal responsibility for the manifestation of your own state of physical or emotional health. Take Charge with tangible nutrition from the herbal teas, and with the power of thought using the crystal provided. Or just collect them for sun catchers. No harm done. If you have a belief system that is deep and true and which does not allow the use of crystals for healing, the reiki will not be activated because it has been sent out with the intention of healing only where welcomed by the user. It will just be a pretty clear rock to you. A collectable, like what used to be in the Red Rose Tea boxes in the 70’s. Does anybody remember those?

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