“Mugwort’s” serendipity

by TeaLady on June 7, 2010

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There was this angelic human I met one time…she teaches shamanism but at the time was teaching sacred geometry and merkaba meditations while traveling with aboriginal elders.  I found the teaching (and especially the Merkaba meditation) to be so profound that over the past decade I often google her to see what she is up to; It never ceases to amaze me.  If I hadn’t met the woman in person, I just would not believe she was real. In what some might call a coincidence (which, like “luck”,  I don’t believe in), she came up in my mugworts research.  Apparently she, or her associates were “given” information about mugwort plant and only about a half dozen other sacred plant energies. MUGWORT was THE ONE which had the most info recorded and the one which I found the most interesting and relevant to me! Very exciting stuff!!!


Through the mirror of Mugwort go
In the manner* you already know
There you shall see seven gates
Each one leading to a different place

The first gate find upon your left
When redemption you seek, through this gate you must step
Removing shadows that linger in mind
Shadows you should have left behind

When by old influences you are beset,
When you’ve erased them but they linger yet,
This gate you enter will set you free
Free from old imprints you shall be

The second gate of Mugwort will erase the dream;
That which was not as real as it seems.
As the dream is removed, abundant life flows
That which will block it will finally go

This gate will change the mindset that was part of the dream
That believes that hardship and duty progress do bring
It is delight in life that pivots our world
Through joy of the heart, abundance is birthed

Responsibility is freedom – with it self-determination comes
The knowledge that with all life we really are one,
We are responsible also for the mirrors we see
In this way from victimhood we are finally free.
The spirit of Mugwort, a most powerful friend
To stagnation and decay can put an end
Bringing youth, rejuvenating cells
The third gate of Mugwort of new potential tells

A pond will, when of new water deprived,
In putrid stagnation lie
New water, like new potential, must flow
For life to renew as through this gate you go

New potential, by Mugwort released
Must be embraced, thus listen carefully
Sit in silence, your mind a blank screen
Images of the new will by you be seen

The Fourth gate of Mugwort justice promotes
What must be paid is that which is owed
No theft can succeed, nor justice be delayed
Full restitution must be made

Through this fourth gate boldly you go
Call on its spirit to help justice flow
No longer may obstacles justice impede
Mugwort the perfection of existence reveals

It removes the dream in which it seems
That within the perfection of being
Anywhere a deficit can be
That a hole can be created in the consciousness sea.
Change the environment, change it now
Listen, if you wish to know how:
Go through the Fifth gate, go within
The change in the environment within you begins

Ask what you will; the desired change
Stable change occurs when within you re-arrange
How much can you change?  This you must know
It depends on how vast the expansion you can hold

Go through the gate, expand and behold
All of the desired change within you unfolds
Don’t intend to change, don’t focus or strive
Just stay expanded; it will change – you don’t have to try.

The Sixth gate brings abundance effortlessly
Go through this gate and Mugwort’s spirit you’ll see
Call him by name, long hidden from men
“ARA-BETHA” the name must be said

Ask that the cosmic flow of supply
Flow through your days and enrich your life
By the Infinite’s decree, through grace we gain
No longer through hardship, overcoming and pain

Know in your heart that it effortless can be
That you are worthy to effortlessly achieve
Let magic flow, let all fall in place
Abundance and joy through Infinite grace
To remove all obstruction from that which is right
No shadow can swallow the dawning light
Let density be gone!  It has no place here
Behind the seventh gate all becomes clear

Beyond the gate the removal of mist
That clarity be there, progress to assist
You’ll find the mist swirling; just let it be
Soon it will dissipate.  Soon you will see.

poem respectfully credited to:  www.ancientshamanism.com

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