Herbs are for busy families

by TeaLady on March 27, 2010

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These days families are busier than ever with jobs and schools and commuting and fitness classes and music classes. Then there is the deluge of information about nutrition we are fortunate enough to have access to, and all the things in our diets that we should avoid; and all the things that grow strong children and prevent terrible illnesses for all of us at every stage of life. It can be quite overwhelming and many of us wish that we could be feeding our families and ourselves better. We try to find ways to change our habits and find new snacks, drinks and meals to replace old favorites, which may have too much fat, sugar, or simple carbs or not enough good nutrition.

Food manufacturers and their marketing specialists know this and they try to capitalize on it. I would like to propose a simpler, greener, potent solution with less packaging, and a smaller footprint on the earth. Herbs in the kitchen. Herbs for kids, women and men, at all ages. Herbs as food for nutrition, for building, for immunity, for emotional support, for brain function, for digestion…for everything.

Weeds like nettle and dandelion can be thrown in your favorite soup without changing the flavor too much. These are herbs, which have extraordinary levels of iron, calcium, and other trace minerals as well as that chlorophyll stuff they color water with and sell to us in plastic bottles. They also help the soil where they grow.

Flowers like chamomile, and calendula help your digestion so that your body can use the nutrition from your food and so that you can be comfortable, and free of flatulence or constipation.

EchinaceaEchinacea is a strong immune strengthener taken along with flowers, which are extremely high in vitamin C like hibiscus and rosehips.

For women at different stages in life, Parsley is recommended every day for it’s high calcium content. Oat straw is also valuable nutritionally while helping balance hormones and supporting the nervous system. Raspberry leaves tone the uterus during and after pregnancy, and red clover encourages fertility.

These can all be steeped for a nice breakfast, snack or bedtime drink that may need honey or maple syrup at first to appease the taste buds acclimatized to oversweet drinks, and gradually wean your family off the sweet then. Stevia leaves are a safe solution to the serious sweet tooth.

For troubleshooting hyperactivity, melancholy, anemia, building immunity or restoring vitality make infusions out of nutritional herbs that have no warnings. This is done by steeping 4 hrs or overnight and then can be stored in a jug in the fridge. Iced herbal tea in the summer is a smart thing to have available for kids instead of sugary juice. Make it when you have time in the evening for the next day.

To replace what you drink every day with a vitamin-mineral supplement that also heals the earth and tastes good without additives and fillers is a wise lifestyle choice. Take Charge of your own health and well being by incorporating herbal teas into your everyday menu.

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