“C” is for Chamomile; Mother Rabbit’s remedy

by TeaLady on August 12, 2010

Child pouring rabbit tea

Chamomile is the Mother of all herbs in my opinion. It was the first herbal tea that I ever used medicinally and it is the most important herb that must be in your kitchen medicine chest. Chamomile is the first herb that I give to my babies, the tea that my young children drink most and it is the last thing my Italian grandfather was able to drink in the hospital before he died.

Chamomile has is the nurturing soothing calming influence of a good mother. It’s no wonder that the latin name for the flower is Matricaria recutita. European herbalists call chamomile “the mother of the gut.”

The first mention of the word chamomile for many of us was in the story of Peter Rabbit who got a chamomile tea before bed when he had a chill. I recommend this to my clients when they mention any one of the typical assortment of baby’s problems: colic, digestive discomfort, constipation, teething, fever, overstimulation, problem sleeping. For older babies I will add honey as needed to encourage the drinking of bedtime chamomile tea. For younger babies, just a little bit will do a lot. Children adore the nightly ritual of their bed-time tea. The effect of the muscle relaxant chamomile slows them down enough to ease into sleep.

Nicholas Culpepper, the most famous of all English herbalists, claimed that “The bathing with a decoction of Camomile takes away weariness, eases pains, to what part of the body soever they be applied.” There are numerous cosmetic recipes to be found for skin care and hair care using chamomile.

There is sometimes a concern about allergies. Ragweed allergies may be a factor since chamomile is in a related family. The pollen of these flowers growing and blowing may cause irritation to people with an allergy but in most cases drinking the tea is more helpful not an irritant, as this allergy is specifically respiratory not digestive. I have met few adults who think they are actually allergic to drinking chamomile tea and have never met a child who was.

My babies found relief from chamomile, I find relief when my active children finally calm down and go to bed, and an older child or young woman will find relief from symptoms of PMS by drinking chamomile tea. The muscle relaxant effect of chamomile eases cramping during that time of month and the digestive aid balances acidity in the body which tends to become more acidic at these times.

Many adults have found great relief from acid reflux, chronic flatulence, IBS, anxiety and stomach ulcers with the regular consumption of this wonderful mother herb; especially when taken in the blend that I put together.

Chamomile tea is a nutritional ally for a number of elderly people who must take medication that causes digestive disorders or difficulty eating their favorite foods. This is a tea for them, to ease the damage to the stomach lining done by many prescriptive medicines and also to nourish the body when eating is just plainly not worth the discomfort.

It is a good idea to take herbal teas about 2 hrs after taking prescriptive medicines. Chamomile has trace components of coumarins so should be used with caution if on other blood thinners. The trace amounts of these components are so small in herbal tea infusions that it is not a worry but worth noting that vast quantities of strong tea is not recommended when on other prescriptive drugs. This will hold true for most of even the safest herbs. Know what medication you are taking, and keep a list of their contra-indications. Even some foods are to be avoided with drugs. The herbs I sell are to be treated as food items, unless specified otherwise.

For everyone, aged 1 to 101, chamomile tea is a herbal tea that is the reliable natural remedy to comfort us throughout our lifetime. Mildly sedative, greatly digestive, and a gentle muscle relaxant Chamomile Tea is number one in my books.

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jette September 21, 2010 at 7:58 pm

I bought Chamomile tea plus the nettle tea from Planet Botanix this past week; now that I am back home, have had a chance to try both and they are wonderful! Will be ordering more in the future – love all that I have tried so far:)

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