Where did you learn this stuff

by admin on March 18, 2010

Did you take any herbal courses to learn about herbs?
If so, what did you take? Thanks!

– Cindy

I took an intense 10 month (weekly) course with a local herbalist who went on to teach in Japan and now is practicing more as a shaman, but she still makes and sells a half dozen of her amazing herbal preparations(I use the respiratory tonic). I also bought the correspondence course from the Wild Rose College but was having babies and never finished it before the due date. I have a bookshelf full of North American herbalists’ works and have 20 yrs of  practical experience. I also have strong opinions about the practice, use of herbs, and spirituality behind it—so as of yet have not found a school I respect well enough to commit  to a formal certification. If you have any suggestions or  know of any well recommended or respected certification course please let me know. Maybe I will need to travel to Europe for it when my kids are older.

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Sue Risk November 13, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Hi Bonnie Jean,
I am looking for a link to this herbalists’ business. She was there at the herb group meeting and lectured about Calendula- I am not sure what the business name is or the product name.

I feel you need a link page for all the local herb ladies (and guys?) There is a garlic business that sells ace lavender at Carp Garlic Festival, for example.

I love this site, and the great articles in it.

Cheers, Sue

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