Stress and Depression

by TeaLady on March 24, 2010

I am a friend of your mother’s and I wanted to know about tea made with St. John’s Wort. Do you have such a thing? My understanding is that it is beneficial if you are under alot of stress and suffer occational bouts of depression. In addition, safe for any age group, teens and adults alike.

– Jill

St. Johnswort has been a popular herbal antidepressant over the past decade but it is a far stretch to call it “safe for any age group”. I personally do not recommend the use of it….especially without the close care of a trusted naturopath. The thing is that St. Johnswort has toxicity and some people react badly to it. Also, for most people, St. Johnswort causes photosensitivity which is to say that it makes your skin more susceptable to sunburn. Another thing, and the clincher for me, is withdrawal. I don’t like to call it addictive because i’m not sure that is correct but when you do stop taking it, it is likely you will experience withdrawal symptoms. For me it was nausea, headaches, and nightmares. because something seems to be “natural” does not mean that it is safe. There are many very powerful herbal medicines which should be used only with great caution, guidance and prudence.

That all being said, I have a blend of tea which contains ingredients that are all very safe to drink in great quantity because they are classed as “food” not medicinal. The blend i speak of is the oatstraw tea. This is a blend that I used to counter PPD(postpartum depression) and anxiety. Most of my customers rave about how well they sleep after having this tea. A restful sleep is a way to naturally boost seratonin and get the body making it’s own chemicals to counter depression. I have had a few customers buy a large bag and use this tea to help while weaning off anti-depressants. In most cases, I believe that antidepressants can be avoided if drinking this tea, plus exercising, sleeping and eating well and according to your individual body’s needs(most people need between 8 and 12 hrs sleep per day and nutritional needs vary widely -know your body); practicing positive attitude; and working to heal what external realities may be precipitating the depression. Actually, I am quite concerned about these steps being ignored in favor of brain altering drugs that are passed out like candy.

Let me know if this answers your question, if you would like to try the oatstraw, or if you have any other questions. Thank you for your interest.

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