Maternitea and the Child Bearing Years

by TeaLady on October 25, 2010

Pregnant lady with a cup of tea

1) What are the ingredients of each of your maternity teas?
2) Where are they blended?
3) Where are the ingredients grown?
4) Where would we pick up our order?
5) What other information on your maternity teas could you provide?

– Remo Sicoli

1) What are the ingredients of each of your maternity teas?

MORNING MEND has Oatstraw, Nettle, Raspberry leaf, Ginger, Peppermint and Lemon rind
BETTER BIRTH has Raspberry leaf, Nettle, Oatstraw and Dandelion leaf
BREAST IS BEST has Alfalfa, Nettle, Fenugreek, Fennel, and Nigella seeds

2) Where are they blended?

These are all recipes of my own, and I put the batches together on my kitchen table in ottawa. –usually it is quite late at night after the kids are all in bed and I get the kitchen and dining tables cleaned up.

3) Where are the ingredients grown?

I do grow a few of the ingredients in my herb garden and my “secret” garden spot. Whenever possible I use ingredients that have been grown locally, and since I work at many of the local farmer’s markets I am in a position to know when they are available. Unfortunately there is no one growing the quantities I need and so I rely upon a local natural foods co-op who imports the herbs from a reputable global herb supplier who is a highly ethical, fair-trade friendly, and who focusses on organic and non-irradiated products. Each ingredient comes with the country of origin on the label. Many are from Europe where they take their herbs seriously as medicine and grow them with care.

4) Where would we pick up our order?

We are normally at the Lansdowne Park Farmers Market every sunday and at the Carp Farmers Market twice a month. There will be an update of events on my calendar soon, as the market season is ending and then I will be having tea tasting events at each of my local shops which are also listed on this blog under AVAILABILITY along with maps. Otherwise I do a weekly run to the post office to ship internet orders.

5) What other information on your maternity teas could you provide?

MORNING MEND is a blend of ingredients which are not only safe but beneficial for a pregnant woman. The Oatstraw is calming, to help people sleep and is a high source of calcium. The Nettle is supportive of the liver, and is a high source of iron. The raspberry leaf is also rich in these and other vitamins and minerals; but particularly have an indication for uterine health. These nutrients are going to assist with morning sickness by restoring the nutrition that is lost when a sick feelin’ mama can’t eat or looses what she eats. Some sources on the internet claim that raspberry leaves bring on labour. I do believe that is untrue unless labour was going to occur anyways, and i have consulted numerous midwives about the matter who concur. But it is a good idea to drink weak tea, and to be moderate overall with strong herbs and spices especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

BETTER BIRTH focusses on the nutrition and hydration. It contains mostly raspberry leaves as indicated by midwives for centuries to “soften the womb” and help a mother to achieve a “better” birth experience.

BREAST IS BEST continues to supply the mother with much needed nutrients that the baby will take from the mother’s body anyways through the breast milk. So it is important that mother take good care of herself. The ingredients not only help the mother relax, encourages the production of milk and the let down response; but they also help the baby to avoid colic or painful gassiness. This is usually not as much of a problem for breast fed babies, but all babies are just getting used to digesting food. The seeds help to make the process more comfortable for them, letting mom get more sleep instead of dealing with a crying baby who has painful gas. I must mention also that this one is my favourite to taste and I still drink it and serve it to friends even though I finished nursing my youngest 4yrs ago.

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TeaLady November 7, 2010 at 1:41 am

This is a relevant question I found in my inbox this eve from a customer…so i will share it in the comment section of this thread instead of creating a new post:

Hi there, I bought the ‘Breast is best’ MATERNITEA a year ago. will it still offer the same benefits to a nursing mother today?

The tea you bought last year is still around? If so, yes, it will still have benefits but will not be as nutritious or as effective or as flavorful – I will drink product that is a year old if it doesn’t look all faded and dried up. Seeds generally last much longer than leaves and Breast is Best tea has many seeds…so it should be ok.

A fresh bag is available at VIVA LOCA in ottawa, or you can order directly from me.

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