Managing Sinus Congestion

by TeaLady on May 10, 2010

Please tell me a good tea for sinus problems. Sometimes this is related to a cold and other times due to allergies. Thank you


The first thing I would do is drink strong peppermint tea, this would be the best first aid relief for you to feel instantly. For a more long-term building effect there are two that I can recommend in my collection:

My nettle, mint, stevia blend is mostly nettle and that herb is widely recommended for allergy symptoms and hay fever and breathing issues. Nettle nourishes and supports liver and kidney function, and the adrenal glands which all are organs that are stressed by allergic reactions. Spring allergies may be a reason that nettle is the most widely known spring tonic in the old wives tales.

For avoiding colds, to divert that cause of irritation, I would have some elderberry, echinacea tea on hand. This is not one you would drink all the time, like nettle, but one you would pull out if you find yourself in the situation of having had close contact with a person who has a cold, and/or have not been getting much sleep, have been exposed to miserable weather, or have a period of stress. these situations dramatically depress your immune system and tend to leave you open for getting an irritating cold or virus causing sinus discomfort.

Another tea which comes up recommended for sinus discomfort in my research is Rooibos. It may have to do with the quercetin which is also found in nettle and is known to inhibit the release of histamine. Also worthy of note is the alkalizing property of rooibos. A body is less likely to be a friendly host to viruses or infections if kept alkaline. I have a chocolate rooibos blend that has some peppermint in it also. it is the Chocolate/mint.

Thank you for your inquiry, and feel free to contact me again or visit us at one of the Ottawa farmer’s markets.

I wish you pots and pots of good health
AKA The Tea Lady

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Pam May 14, 2010 at 7:54 am

Do you recommend any teas for fibromyalgia or Type 2 diabetes?

TeaLady May 17, 2010 at 4:16 pm

Hi Pam. Thank you for your questions. I have quite a lot to say about both those things and I do have recommendations. Please click here to take you to your very own thread where I’ll answer.

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