Good Night Tea

by TeaLady on May 26, 2010

Hi My question is this: I will be turning 50 years old next month, have been starting to experience mild pre-menopausal symptoms. I have an overactive bladder, and I suspect it might be prolapsed as well. I have to avoid coffee and any caffeinated drinks. In the evenings, I would love to be able to have a hot drink before bedtime, something that will help me have a nice rest, but will not affect me having too many visits to the bathroom. Do you have any suggestions?

– Thanks, Mary Lou

Hi Mary Lou,

You asked about bedtime drinks and I have just the the tea for you but I don’t think there is anything you can drink which will not cause you to need the bathroom. For that, I would suggest that you have your evening drinks finish an hour before sleep time. The tea I recommend is the Oatstraw, Lavender, Lemonbalm . This blend has impressed many tired people with it’s ability to improve sleeping. I personally don’t have trouble sleeping but do find that it does cause me to sleep more soundly and feel more rested the next day. The Oatstraw is the most important herbal source of calcium and was recommended to me many years ago as a hormonal balancer. So it calms anxiety, stress, hormonal imbalances, hot flashes and insomnia; all symptoms of menopause. Just hang around my booth one day at market to hear all the testimonials. The ladies often stop by to tell me how great it is and how much it is helping them.

Good Luck with it all.

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