Fibromyalgia and Blood Sugar management

by TeaLady on May 17, 2010

Do you recommend any teas for fibromyalgia
or Type 2 diabetes?


I designed the Green tea with Fennel and Ginger specifically for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and weight management. This is my recommendation  as the Green tea is not only cleansing to improve elimination but stimulating because of the small amount of caffeine.  It boosts metabolism and helps with digestion. Ginger and Fennel both are good for digestion. The Fennel actually is antiparasitical, and helps to cut the mucous in the intestinal tract making for a more efficient disposal of impurities so that they don’t become stored in the colon or in fat deposits. Ginger is warming and stimulates circulation but also has analgesic effects (which is to say that it is a pain reliever). Ginger also is reputed to calm inflammation of the joints thus is regularly used for arthritic type symptoms. Personally, when I started drinking the Green tea with Ginger and Fennel I found less desire for coffee with cream. That is good because while that drink is a treat sometimes, it is not good for the system in many ways.  Plus, in the early morning during the cold winter if I drank that tea for breakfast, it was easier and faster to get my stiff joints moving.

To answer the second part of your question, it is definitely the Nettle, Mint, Stevia blend to help with blood sugar imbalances. Nettle is a valuable food source full of so many nutrients and benefits I could write pages about it. Overall, it is the plant with the most protein and it’s known for iron content. The Stevia is a helpful ingredient in this blend because it is a flavor that satisfies the craving for sweets while the Nettle does it’s balancing job. Nettle is recommended by herbalists routinely for managing blood sugar issues.

Thank you for your question.

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