by TeaLady on July 3, 2010

endometriosis, just to put the topic at the top *grins*.. i have endometrosis, which i have recently had surgery for, however they were unable to get it all, but we will see how it all goes. anyways i was wondering two things.. a tea that is good for balancing womens hormones, as it is thought that this is some of what causes endo, as well as one that is blood cleansing because according to acupuncture principles concerning endo, it is about blood becoming stagnant thus causing clots of a sorts.

and also what is a good tea for recovering from a general anaesthetic and abdominal surgery? it was keyhole surgery, and i have 4 stitches which are healing but you know some tea to help along would be great!!

Endometriosis effects many women, and many women do not even realise that they have it.. as it can present as bad cramping.. …

errmm.. yeah.. please and thank you

Hello Polly. Sorry for the delay. In the Summertime it is very busy and response times will be slower.

The tea I recommend for balancing women’s hormones is the oatstraw tea. I’m not sure about how that will help endo but it certainly is good for you. The other hormone balancer is red clover but because it is estrogenic, it is not recommended for endometriosis. If you want a blood cleanser, then Nettle is probably your best choice.

For the most wonderful blend of herbs to help your situation I urge you to try the “maternitea” called breast is best. This is a blend of herbs and seeds designed for nursing mommas to help promote milk supply but the ingredients are wonderful for many reasons and it is a delicious tea. I finished nursing my children years ago, but I love to drink it and when i serve it to my friends I just call it “woman tea”. It contains of alfalfa which a good source of vitamin K, an imperative nutrient necessary for blood clotting and tissue healing. Most patients with endometriosis are iron-deficient. For this, the herb Nettle is very beneficial and it is the second ingredient; both fenugreek and fennel improves digestion and thus absorption of minerals; and nigella seeds are found extensively in my research as a remedy for endo, cysts and fibroids. I just feel sure that this “woman tea” is the right one for you, Polly.

The herb I use for healing wounds is comfrey. I don’t use it for tea I use it externally as a spray or a soak. So you could sponge bathe the wound with an infusion of comfrey, or find a comfrey cream/salve at a local health food store. If you are in ottawa, I just harvested some comfrey today and could make an infusion for you. That is if it is not too late. Again i am sorry for the delay in responding.

Thanx for your questions….I hope this is helpful.

aka The Tea Lady

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