Watson’s Mill

by TeaLady on November 28, 2010

For the first time in years, I decided to try a “new” craft show. Several years ago I had decided to decline all invitations except the schools my kids attended and the Carp Farmers Market Christmas sale because they were very good sales and because it is a very busy time of year. But since we opted out of the November extended Saturday/Sunday market at Lansdowne Park, I decided to try this Manotick venue. Well, to be honest, it was for me an opportunity to spend time sitting beside a good friend who was going and so I thought that even if it was slow, I would enjoy having the time with her; and as it turned out, I did.

This building is a must see for any people who love old buildings and historical sites. The structure itself left me thrilled and enamoured. The walls were stone and the huge mill funnel in the centre of the upper level was the backdrop to my booth. As I gazed out the huge stone bezelled window, I felt a distinct sense of connection with all the other people who must have gazed out the same window over the last 150 years. I bought flour that was milled there, and can not wait to make bread the old fashioned way with it. No bread maker machines for “The Tea Lady”.

The organizers of the Craft show were quite accommodating, and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that everyone was comfortable. I would say that they succeeded in fully executing their part to ensure a successful sale. The crowd, however, was a bit cold and not really in a shopping mood. I use the term “crowd’ loosely, also, because it wasn’t actually very busy today or yesterday. Other vendors who attend this show every year have assured me that it is usually much busier. It was the allure of the building, the kindness of the organizers and the vendors who made it a special weekend for me. I got to see Margaret of “Neil Sugar Free Organics” and get the news from her new winter home in Nicaragua, Rebecca with her soaps and scrubs she calls “The Herb Wife”, Bonnie of “Mains de Mariposa” and my partner in this venture Willow, of “Willow’s Lantern”. It was a pleasure to spend time with them and chat periodically between customers. And I enjoyed meeting some of the other vendors for the first time. I particularly enjoyed the sweets, the authors, and the gemstone jewellery lady (her products and her person).

This is actually a three weekend craft show, and we chose the second weekend this year. Next weekend corresponds with “An old Fashioned Manotick Christmas”. There will be many other events going on in that part of Manotick including sleigh rides which begin and end at the front door of “The Mill” so next weekend promises to be much busier and probably twice as lovely. Except for the absence of Take Charge Tea. Next year, Willow and I will sign up for the last weekend. And I will attempt to figure out how to vend at all the best craft shows that happen to occur on the same weekend. Maybe that will be a time to initiate my teenaged daughter as an employee.

I had to share this with you all because a building like that always sparks my imagination and my fondness for historic sites. Do check it out, they have events all through the year and I believe they operate as a museum regularly.

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Willow November 28, 2010 at 10:08 pm

Bonnie-Jean it was indeed a wonderful weekend. I also enjoyed the time we had together and look forward to our next joint venture with enthusiasm and anticipation. I have to agree the organizers were wonderful and it’s always about meeting other vendors and sharing ideas; the learning is as good as the selling! :) That building is fabulous. I think it will warrant a visit in warmer weather to see them in action milling the flour!

Katherine December 11, 2011 at 10:51 pm

had to add something here also! I grew up in manotick and was a tour guide at the mill one summer – it’s a great spot and so glad they kept it open for everyone (there was talk about changing it into condos at one point!)

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