Senior’s Tea

by TeaLady on October 17, 2010

Today was the Senior’s Tea Party at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market. It was the first time we did this and it was kind of a last minute thing. I finally bought the 40 cup coffee urn I’ve been wanting which will be used to heat water, not brew coffee. It was the perfect amount of water for today, just perfect. It heated up the water in less than 30 minutes… right on time. The water got a bit too hot so I unplugged it.

I set up matching mugs and some pho spoons since we didn’t have saucers. but I will use plates or saucers next time. I just did not have enough prep time with the short notice this particular weeknd. I will also use cloth tablecloths and doilies. I’m really looking forward to doing more tea parties and would be open to “putting on” a tea if someone will have me do so for a special event.

To my great surprise and pleasure, well over half of the seniors were keen to try the herbal; the Elderberry and the Rosy Red Clover especially. There were a few takers for the Nettle Mint Stevia, the green and only one had Chamomile. “King Cole” orange pekoe tea was available for those who prefer orange pekoe; only because I figured that the ones not adventurous enough to try herbal might also be intimidated by my Kenyan Black special blend.

Avonmore Berry Farm supplied the cookies and they, too were a hit. One lady declined a cookie as she was gluten free, and I was to find out later that the market hostess, Joyce went over to the gluten free bakery stall to procure a few treats for her. This lady was so impressed that she went and bought all the vendor had left of the gluten free treats afterwards.

I sent several people back to my booth who wanted some Take Charge Tea for themselves. But when I described where to buy the tea to one lady by pointing out my husbands long pony tail through the crowd she noticed my pony tail was very similiar. So I stuck my foot in my mouth and said “Well, they say that people start to look like their dog after a while, ….” and before i got to the spouse comparision everybody burst out laughing at my audacity. OOPS! So the Tea Lady needs to brush up on her tea party etiquette perhaps? Or is the price of embarrassment worth the laughter?

The last lady insisted that she only had time for a half cup and my new urn dribbled out the last hot water at just over half cup for her. Then I asked the market teen-ager helpers for a time check. At 2:30pm we were right on target. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect event. But as I mentioned earlier, I could and will embellish it a little more next time….and maybe watch out for those quips.

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