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July 2010


by TeaLady on July 23, 2010

Herbfest is upon us. Under the cut is a pdf of the herbfest program that was printed in the local community paper. It includes schedule of events, some articles, ads, and the list of vendors. The program you recieve at the door will have a map of the vendors with booth numbers. Hope to see you all there!!!!
HerbFest Insert 2010

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Herbfest – article in Tone mag

by TeaLady on July 17, 2010

Herbfest was started Fifteen years ago by a small and intimate group of ottawa valley herb enthusiasts and small businesses. There were caterers, body care products, oils and vinegars, medicinal salves, and lovely household decorations like swags and wreaths. This group made it their mission to bring the beauty and
wonder of herbs to the general public in the Ottawa area. Herbfest became open to the public, inspiring the imaginations of creative souls who loved using herbs. They planted community gardens and brought experts to town to speak at dinners and conferences. The Herb Garden was lovingly tilled, sowed and rooted in such a way that we can all enjoy its allure and bask in the spiritual beauty and physical bounty. Our esteemed host, The Herb Garden, is a tourist destination like no other in the Ottawa Area.

Every major city in the world has gardens to visit, and Ottawa is no exception. The Herb Garden is a unique destination and a site rich with landmarks and historical virtue. Today we are lucky to live in a city that has grown tremendously, now encompasses The Herb Garden, and is the home to many successful health and wellness entrepreneurs who employ all sorts of creative ways to use herbs. Herbfest became the most enchanting gathering, with an exaustively wide ranging collection of visionary enterprises relating to herbs, health, and well being.

This annual event boasts an unbroken record of successful midsummer Sundays and an uncanny immunity to bad weather. Except for the occasional 10-
minute shower, Herbfest has NEVER been rained out. Last year when it rained in Ottawa and Stittsville, it did not rain on the Herb Garden. As such, this year we hope to find a way to get the word out to the public about The Herb Garden weather via Facebook, Twitter or local radio stations. Find us on Facebook as “Midsummer Herbfest” and check updates about programming and weather reports.

There has been a lot of talk about how Herbfest has grown and morphed into a larger and more varied event that may appear to have lost the primary focus of herbs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Please read on and be assured that this has not been the case. Loyal herbfest attendees have been supporting this event for well over a decade and they can be assured that the integrity of the herbal focus is strong. There have always been herbal vendors with a herbal focus. If the numbers of them have dwindled recently, the reason has been an evolution reflecting the individual herbal vendor’s personal journey. Yet, as a grass-roots non- profit event, Herbfest has a committee that is in touch with the participants and with the guests. We have heard the call for more Herbal
content and I am excited to announce that this year’s herbfest will be a profusion of herbal workshops and products likes of which you never thought possible!

The herb of the year is DILL and our talented chefs will pull out all of their culinary tricks to impress the judges with the flavour of Dill in a dish. You will not want to miss this. There will be herbal cheeses being sampled by a local cheese
sommelier, and the chef cook off will be MC’d by a local wine sommelier. We are grateful and honoured to have confirmed Grandmother Alma Lo as our “herb walker” and so try to be on time for one of the informative strolls through the flora and learn. We have two demo tents where you may find discussions, presentations and workshops on herbal first aid, herbal lore and magic, and herbal meditation. The herbal labyrinth is always open for meditative walks but we will have a guide offering a presentation and a group labyrinth walk. Of
course there will always be the herbal tea tasting table; the garden fairies will be frolicking around spreading their magic, and our line-up of talented musicians will feed your soul through your ears with non-invasive but uplifting melodies. We have an annual army of 70 volunteers who love to come and make this special day tic toc without missing a beat. In addition, we are sponsored by The Table; a vegetarian restaurant that is the Ottawa cornerstone of good local vegetarian eating and fine community involvement. Watch the facebook page or the website for updates about our guest authors as we have some exciting plans still to be confirmed.

ETA: Guest author is Diana Beresford Kroeger!!!! a local hero… botanist, gardener, and author of “A Global Forest”. follow the link to see a clip from her documentary series “Recreating Eden” i’ve linked you to the clip from this episode of “recreating eden”. My heart swells when i watch it. i can’t wait to meet this woman and buy her book:

Herbfest really is an event like no other, and the offerings described do not even begin to cover the circle of friends, the sense of community and the captivating aura and energy of the gardens and the whole site.

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Iced Chai Latte

by TeaLady on July 16, 2010

Bring 4 cups of milk to a simmer with 1/4cup of Take Charge Chai Tea.
Stir and let simmer for about 15 minutes.
Remove from heat
Add honey to taste, stir
Cool for 15 minutes
Fill blender with ice
Pour Chai milk through a fine strainer into blender
Blend till consistency is desirable – you want more ice to thicken
garnish with a cinnamon stick and serve

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by TeaLady on July 3, 2010

endometriosis, just to put the topic at the top *grins*.. i have endometrosis, which i have recently had surgery for, however they were unable to get it all, but we will see how it all goes. anyways i was wondering two things.. a tea that is good for balancing womens hormones, as it is thought that this is some of what causes endo, as well as one that is blood cleansing because according to acupuncture principles concerning endo, it is about blood becoming stagnant thus causing clots of a sorts.

and also what is a good tea for recovering from a general anaesthetic and abdominal surgery? it was keyhole surgery, and i have 4 stitches which are healing but you know some tea to help along would be great!!

Endometriosis effects many women, and many women do not even realise that they have it.. as it can present as bad cramping.. …

errmm.. yeah.. please and thank you

Hello Polly. Sorry for the delay. In the Summertime it is very busy and response times will be slower.

The tea I recommend for balancing women’s hormones is the oatstraw tea. I’m not sure about how that will help endo but it certainly is good for you. The other hormone balancer is red clover but because it is estrogenic, it is not recommended for endometriosis. If you want a blood cleanser, then Nettle is probably your best choice.

For the most wonderful blend of herbs to help your situation I urge you to try the “maternitea” called breast is best. This is a blend of herbs and seeds designed for nursing mommas to help promote milk supply but the ingredients are wonderful for many reasons and it is a delicious tea. I finished nursing my children years ago, but I love to drink it and when i serve it to my friends I just call it “woman tea”. It contains of alfalfa which a good source of vitamin K, an imperative nutrient necessary for blood clotting and tissue healing. Most patients with endometriosis are iron-deficient. For this, the herb Nettle is very beneficial and it is the second ingredient; both fenugreek and fennel improves digestion and thus absorption of minerals; and nigella seeds are found extensively in my research as a remedy for endo, cysts and fibroids. I just feel sure that this “woman tea” is the right one for you, Polly.

The herb I use for healing wounds is comfrey. I don’t use it for tea I use it externally as a spray or a soak. So you could sponge bathe the wound with an infusion of comfrey, or find a comfrey cream/salve at a local health food store. If you are in ottawa, I just harvested some comfrey today and could make an infusion for you. That is if it is not too late. Again i am sorry for the delay in responding.

Thanx for your questions….I hope this is helpful.

aka The Tea Lady

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